Thursday, October 2, 2008

little by little

So far we've been getting stuff done. The industry makes a lot of grand statements about booking things a year in advance, spending this much on a, that much on b. But we're coming along okay.

We've inquired about 2 locations we're looking at for our event and one of them is a botanical garden.

We've also saved $1,603.45 so far. The ticker I'm using is incorrect. I updated it incorrectly recently. I've also been steadily paying off my credit card debts. It's hard. I'm accustomed to shopping. A lot. I don't spend a lot each time I go but I'm accustomed to being in the mall all the time. So, now, I'm having a tough time. Last night I went to Rite Aid and splurged on toiletries and makeup. That was SO not needed. I could easily have put that money into my savings account!!! Bad bad bad.

RocketMan often seems a little stressed when I go on and on about venues, flowers, attire, money, catering and so on. I don't want to stress him out but we haven't been sitting down to discuss things at the designated times. But then we talk all the time. Why should I save up information or ideas to tell him, say, once a week when I'm talking to him right now? But I guess I can ask him when is a good time to talk about something.

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