Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We are trying to get our invitations out, trying to get them addressed and mailed. Everything is "falling into place" but trying to get them to do that without letting them fall apart is challenging.

Yesterday we met the dance teacher at a local community center. She seems actually to be pretty good. Cheerful, enthusiastic, energetic. I liked her. We decided to go with her even though there was an okay offer from a lady in Manhattan. Yeah, this is a little more accessible.

My dress arrived last Friday. Now all I need are my foundation garments and my shoes in order go go try it on. I actually need 2 pairs of shoes. The outdoors is not good for heels. But I'll need heels for the reception I think--so that the dress won't drag? Maybe a wedge heel? That's a good compromise between flat and heeled.

I've spoken to 2 out of 3 potential day-of coordinators. I am looking to pay between 600 and 800. One lady will try to work with me. The other lady, I don't know her price. So I'll have to call her. Maybe even this evening.

I need to reserve rooms at a local-ish hotel. That would be good to do. There's a place right off the highway that might be good. But I don't think there are that many people who will want a place to stay. Wait, update, I just called. They only reserve in blocks of 10 at a minimum. You would have to think you have people needing at least ten rooms! In this economy I think there will only be need for 5 rooms probably.

Wow. There's enough to do.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why have a wedding?

Weddings are expensive, stressful and definitely leads to arguments over who gets to have their idea become reality. Then why have one? I have struggled with this idea for a while now. Not until recently did I have some understanding of why it's important to have one. The other night after a huge argument about money I got some clarity on why the wedding is needed. We are having a wedding to profess our love for another to everyone that we care about. Another reason is to show those same people that we care about them and appreciate them being there for us and therefore we are going to treat them as best as possible. Another reason is to collect the presents that should be fun. I hope they don't get us a toaster...how about a wide screen tv? That made me smile. Well I am home after basketball and I'm sure missing my significant other.