Monday, March 9, 2009

We did it!

Our engagement photo shoot was yesterday. Our photographer, Tara Sharma, brought along an assistant and we shot our pictures at a local garden, outdoors. She has a great eye. But also, RocketMan and I just look so cute and were well rested --hence our pictures couldn't help but come out really nicely.

Proofs will be on their way soon!
I'm psyched about the wedding now. Not so scared like before. We still haven't seen the albums but I'm looking forward to getting a preview of what we may be able to order.

She did a great job posing us and helping us get comfortable in front of the camera. We just listened to her directions and tried to act natural. There were moments where I genuinely forgot the camera was there. Especially when we were kissing. Hee heee...

In the meantime, the interest rate on our joint savings account is dropping off a cliff!!! It's down to 1.65 from nearly 3.00 when we started saving last year. That's not cool! We could be earning nearly twice the interest. :(

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