Thursday, February 26, 2009

dodged that bullet

Well, because of inclement weather, the photo shoot was postponed.
Meanwhile, I've been procrastinating on Save the date cards. Will get them out, soon. I promise.

Other than that, I see that we were wise to start saving for this whole wedding shindig. The guest list keeps getting longer. Oy. vey. But we are well on target with savings IMHO. Our wedding will be pricey but nowhere near the industry expectation.

Meanwhile I just have a few small concerns. Will the officiant we chose really be able to attend? The day of our wedding just happens to be communion at his church. He is the senior pastor and somehow I think the service at his church will miss something if he is not there. I hate to put him in the position of having to back out on us or make communion less than it ought to be. So I'm mildly concerned.

I'm also concerned about bridesmaids. I want to help them as much as possible to find dresses that suit them and are affordable. However, I feel the colors I've chosen aren't that popular--even though they are not wild (two shades of blue with purple accents). What to do? Well, stop procrastinating for one.

Final concern--a place to live. We don't have that much time. To plan the wedding it is enough time. But to find an apartment, we might need to start looking next month. I think that would be reasonable. Here's the other challenge. Where exactly do we want to live anyway?

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