Thursday, April 2, 2009

finally--information about the wedding

Hi Ladies,
please be on the lookout for an actual letter in the mail from me regarding the wedding. I promise I am mailing it off today!!! I know I've been stalling. Some people have been asking about colors for the longest. Sorry. It seemed scary so I put it off.

But I've got a lot of ideas and links and stuff. I know the colors and I know exactly what kind of look and feel we are going for. So I wrote everything up and sent you a color sample (not a swatch but a paint chip) of the general palette I'm working with.

So basically, within the color scheme, I am giving you free reign. I don't want you to buy a dress you will never wear again. So let me know once you receive the letter if it is helpful or if it is too much freedom. If you want me to lock you in to an exact style/color/manufacturer, I can do that. But I really would rather not.

Hope all is well with you. Please let me know if you have any questions at all or need any info or anything. Anything. My number is ###-###-####. My email is obvious.

Take Care,

PS I have made an attachment of sort of what I have in mind. And also a pic of what my dress looks like. I know those models are a little scary-looking. But it's what's out there.

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