Friday, April 10, 2009


Remember the song by Michael Jackson? I don't remember if it was a duet with sister Janet but it went something like "I just can't take it no more, stop pressuring me, you make me want to scream"!

People need to chill with the pressure! Every now and again I'll run into someone who will want to know about invites. Did you send out invitations? How many people are you having? blah blah blah. Why are they stressing me like that? It's totally not necessary.

The rule of thumb is to send out the invitations six to eight weeks before you need a headcount. Eight weeks is 2 months. If we need a headcount August1, (which we don't), then that would be the invites should go out maybe the last day of May. It's still April. It's not even tax day yet. What is with people?!

The other interesting thing is that some people who are being asked to do a) b) or c) were asking asking asking for info. Now that I've sent it (both a warning email and a letter by the post office)--I can't figure out if they received it or not. Out of 4 people contacted, only 1 said, "hey, I got it". Another I just broke down and called because I just couldn't quite get over it.

And now on to another topic: rudeness.

Stop me if I've blogged this before.
I have shared a photo of my dress on my blog. It's no big deal to me. However, for lots of people, it's supposed to be a mystery until the day of. . .
I emailed a cousin of mine who I felt I could talk to--I shared with her some of my little jitters, and also included a pic of my dress--this was a while back. Rather than reply, she hit forward and sent it to both her sisters. Up to now she has not responded to my email but both her sisters contact me about it on facebook offering their advice and comments.

It was months ago, but I'm still mad. Yeeesh.


PaSho said...

Scream then. It helps. We are on time and everything will go smoothly on the big big day. Muah.

GC (God's Child) said...

it's hard work but it's going to be worth it

Bunny Brown said...

*Screaming for and with you*