Wednesday, June 3, 2009

do we HAVE to have a wedding party?

I haven't posted in here in a while and that is partly because I've been busy. Partly because I've been overwhelmed.

We've been working on a few things namely dance lessons and premarital counseling.
Lately, the need to get my bridal party together has been stressing me. I have 1 sister who is able to participate. However, the maid of honor let me know she doubted she'd be able to do it due to health concerns.

I asked someone else to be my matron of honor but she flat out refused. She mentioned all the work she'd have to be doing. She's recently had surgery (2 months ago) and felt she wouldn't be up to it. Even though I explained to her that I simply needed her to march down the aisle during the rehearsal the night before, and on the day of the wedding, she insisted that there would be additional duties which she could not handle, such as attending, planning a party. This is the same person who pushed herself to go back to work and has been back at her job for perhaps 3 weeks now.

I'm not having a party. I don't want/need one. The most I would want is to have brunch with a few people. Those people are dwindling fast.

My other sister will not be able to make it to the wedding at all because she will be starting school in another state the previous week. So I need a replacement for her. I have a cousin who might like to do it. But her Mom does not get along with the family.

Now add to that, the other bridesmaid is a little skittish. I don't know if she's shy, withdrawn, or just doesn't like me all that much. Texts and emails go unanswered. Facebook, regular email, whatever. Maybe I need to just plain call her? I'm shy too. Maybe I'll call her today because apparently this evening is the only time she can make it to go to a bridal salon to try on bridesmaids dresses. When did I find this out? Yesterday. Sigh.

When my Mom got married, she had 2 bridesmaids. Her sister and her sister's best friend. The sister passed away in '96. The "best friend" (there's a story there) doesn't speak to any of us anymore but had custody of the sister's adopted daughter until she turned 18 I guess (for about 2 years). The groom is long gone, since '89. And the pictures are all that remain.

Do we really need a wedding party?

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