Friday, June 19, 2009

plain and simple

As time wears on, I'm realizing our wedding reception is going to have to be plain and simple. There's a song that the Shakers used to sing: 'tis a gift to be simple 'tis the gift to be free. . .

While we were watching Cadillac Records there was a scene where Howlin' Wolf is meeting Muddy Waters for the first time. Howlin' Wolf is played by Eamonn Walker I believe his name is and the character is written as a self-determined black man--before Kwanzaa came about. When Muddy Waters makes a disparaging comment about Howlin' Wolf's beat up old truck compared to Muddy Waters' spankin' caddilac, Howlin wolf says, "I own that truck, it doesn't own me".

I guess we could say the same for decorations and other things.
I just realized that because we need vendors to be insured, we can't just have a friend come in and put on our chair covers. I found decently priced chair covers but apparently that's not going to work. I'm a smidge disappointed. I thought it would have looked decent. And then I could have sold the chair covers on EBAY. Yeesh. Oh well. Maybe I can go with the company that I saw over on Gun Hill Road. I'm thinking they probably have insurance. We shall see.

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