Friday, December 12, 2008

and then I got lazy

I've received some books which I ordered both purchased and borrowed. I wanted to learn more about wedding papercrafts.
Well, one book was from the early nineties which I borrowed from the library. Some of the looks were frightening.
Two other books were purchased second hand online. They were published more recently. They had some good ideas but mostly it seemed like a lot of work for invitations--especially since there were going to be so many and in the end, people would likely not know where they wound up.
Perhaps buying invitations pre-printed, or buying invitation kits might not be a bad deal.
I looked at some designs on the big warehouse website (you know--the wedding dress people) and came across some that weren't all that expensive. Maybe 120 for 100 invitations and envelopes printed thermographically. Response cards are separate but those don't even have to be exactly by that company.

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