Monday, December 15, 2008

DIY madness

I'm still searching for a way to incorporate tradition, so to speak, into our wedding. I think that having plaid silk sashes on the bridesmaids would be a nice touch. Either for their sashes or wrapped around their bouquets. It's a tough one.
I found a website where there were instructions on how to sew the sash yourself. My Mom has a sewing machine and it can't be that hard. The only trouble is the cost of the fabric.

Another thing I've been searching for is plaid silk fabric. It's not cheap. It's pricey. But it's gorgeous. I think. On item I found here costs $10 for a sample!!! Maybe the bridesmaids will just have kerchiefs to wrap their bouquets.
There's a nice purple one here for $30/yard.

wait one cotton picking minute!
it's there on EBAY for a much more manageable price.

someone posted a trimming company on Kvetch
here's a link

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